Frequently asked questions

How can I make an order?

-If you like some of the paintings in the 'Available' page, that means it is available for selling. -If the painting is not included in the 'Available' page, that means it has been sold already. -You need to contact me first of all. I will give you all the details about the price, size and delivery to your country, as well as all additional information you need. - Once you confirm that you want to buy my artwork, you can pay trough PayPal or Bank Transfer. -Once the payment has been made, I'll send the painting/sculpture in 7 working days ( as it needs a special package box and documents). - Please keep in mind that the price of the painting will include all delivery costs. - After I send the painting, you will recieve a tracking number and you will be able to track your delivery.

Does it come with a frame?

No, all of the paintings comes unframed.

Is there any discount that you could offer?

Yes, I would offer discount if you intend to purchase more than one artwork.

In what package should I expect my order?

All of the artworks will be safely packed in wooden boxes. *Please keep in mind that if you have purchased more than one artworks, they will come in different boxes.

Could I make a custom order?

No, I do not offer custom made paintings.

За клиенти от България

- Може да поръчате всяка картина или скулптура от страница 'Available', тъй като са свободни за продажба. - Поръчаната от вас творба ще получите чрез куриерска фирма с наложен платеж. - Възможно е и плащане чрез PayPal или банков превод. - Произведението ще бъде изпратено в 5 дневен срок. - Моля свържете се с мен , ако имате нужда от допълнителна информация.